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Project dedicated to the nightclubs, aiming to facilitate the reservation of tables, order drinks, invite friends and much more

Project carried out within the SDW company. It brings together 3 applications:

  • a back-office for Klubin built with Easyadmin and Symfony
  • a progressive web app made for nightclubs
  • a mobile and PWA made for nightclub’s clients

This project has many features and allowed me to use interesting libraries, like:

  • chartjs to visualize data and make statistic sections
  • svgjs to manipulate SVG and make an interactive nightclub plan
  • stripe to set up payments and let clients share the bill with their friends
  • qrcodejs to let nightclub employees scan QR code and manage entries
  • firebase to set up push-notifications
  • twilio to send invitations by SMS

The Symfony part leverages the Messenger component to execute PHP code asynchronously (send SMS, push-notifications, emails).

The API is built with APIPlatform and nicely documented by Swagger.

The app is largely tested with Behat.

Continuous integration is set up with Gitlab CI and I used Deployer to automate deployments.

The mobile apps and progressive web apps are built with Quasar, which is a cross platform framework on top of Vuejs.